I found this to be a wonderful read. Just a well researched and intensely laid out the book to read about the late September 2015 storm Joaquin which repeatedly defied expected patterns as some storms will do, and became a hurricane. As some captains made directional changes in order to avoid Joaquin, it seemed that the hurricane kept changing too. Eventually, those who didn’t stay on their toes were caught off guard by one circumstance or another and were in for a battle. The book got quite exciting as the tension keeps building along with Joaquin’s power.

Having lived in Florida and Georgia for the past 30 plus years, I’ve been through a few of these storms, Thankfully most have been worn down a good bit by the time they have gone over my area. There were a couple of exceptions when I lived in Florida though and they are something you don’t forget. I was in central Florida when Andrew blasted south Florida so badly and we all remember what those areas looked like afterward for such a long time as they eventually got around to rebuilding. The thought of going through it on the open water is simply horrifying, even if you are in a ship or a plane or chopper.

The authorities managed to keep tabs on two ships that were having difficulty and the trouble continued to be confirmed at other points during the storm, until one ship, the larger of the two at 790-foot, the El Faro lost communication completely. The El Faro carried a crew of 33. Both of the ships were in distress though and had to signal for help during the hurricane. The Minouche, a 230-foot freighter with a dozen sailors on it was taking on water, and when the engine died they were in serious trouble in the storm.

“Into the Storm” gives an excellent accounting of the rescue capabilities of the Coast Guard with their steady and patient pilots and rescue swimmers with all of their amazing training and abilities behind them when they set out to help people in need. I don’t know if a story like this has already been done as a movie, but it would make a good one if it hasn’t already. This is just the kind of non-fiction book that keeps me reading this genre and looking for more books like it, as they are so thrilling. An advance digital copy was provided by NetGalley and author Tristam Korten for my unbiased review.

Ballantine Books
Publication: April 24, 2018

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