The Unhappy Wife                        

This anthology of essays on dysfunctional marriage written by women is quite interesting. There’s a variety of circumstances written about in the book that gives you a lot to think about, and are very diverse. Then at the end, there are some good basic suggestions made by Anita Charlot, a Dating and Relationship Coach and Instructor. She shares a bit of what she teaches her clients in her Relationship Architect Academy, the first online relationship school dedicated to the Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman and those that love her. I found the book to be very worthwhile reading, with so many marriages failing these days and so many young women jumping into relationships not really knowing what they are looking for, including marriage. Kind of a timeless topic.


Written by KE Garland, edited by Erin Foster

Publisher: Katherin Garland 77 pages

Published: Oct 17th, 2016

RATING: 4.5/5 Stars

The AuthorKatherin Garland was born and raised on Chicago’s west side. She has spent much of her adult life teaching secondary and post-secondary classes in Florida. Her inspirational short stories and essays can be found in places, such as her personal blog, South Florida Times and For Harriet. Her most recent book, The Unhappy Wife is an anthology of 12 fictionalized stories of real women’s marriages. Her first book, Kwoted includes 100 original and inspirational quotes focused on living a conscious life.


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