The Girl in the Treehouse: A Memoir


Having seen author Jennifer Asbenson a couple of times telling her amazing story on television on true crime or 48 Hours-type shows, I really wanted to read her book when I heard that she had written a memoir. Just watching the show stayed with me a long time afterward, enough that I’ve re-watched it when I’ve seen it on, which I rarely do. I wanted to hear the rest of her story, and that’s what her book gives you. The rest of it is nearly as shocking as what was in the tv show, to my surprise. So it made for one of those books you just inhale from the time you start.

I was “just going to read a bit, then go to bed” Sure. I stayed up until dawn reading every last page of it. So if you like true crime memoirs or stories of overcoming adversity, you might want to check this book out, especially if you are at all familiar with Jennifer’s story. She was the only surviving victim of Andrew Urdiales, the Chicago area serial killer. You will really be gobsmacked at all that this woman lived through, especially by the time she is finished sharing all of it.


HORRIFIC: Jennifer Asbenson was kidnapped and tortured by Andrew Urdiales (pictured)


I read the kindle version published Jan 29th, 2019 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 169 pages.

RATING: 5/5 Stars

The Author- Jennifer Asbenson, author of The Girl in the Treehouse, is a survivor in more ways than most people ever encounter in their entire lives. Despite the challenges that Jennifer has faced early on, she has learned to rely on her belief in God, her sense of humor, and her imagination to overcome all challenges.




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