The Horrors of Fox Hollow Farm: Unraveling the History & Hauntings of a Serial Killer’s Home


I found that this was fascinating even if you are familiar with the story of Fox Hollow Farm and Herb Baumeister’s serial killings that took place there. Since much of it deals with things that have happened since then, it’s still of interest. It is of a paranormal bent, so if that is not your thing, you may want to pass on this one. I found it very interesting, even though I’d seen several shows covering similar things, such as Ghost Adventures, etc. The first part is written by written by Richard Estep, then Robert Graves, the current owner of Fox Hollow, takes up the story. Estep goes over the investigation of the property during times spent there.

Rob Graves tells of his experience from first learning of the place, deciding to buy it and the extended time it took to finally agree on an amount, and finally getting a call from the seller agreeing on a price much later. Then what it had been like from that point on living on such an estate, and the huge amount of time and money it takes to maintain it. Also how his wife and a tenant had begun having experiences with ghosts, unexplainable sounds, knocking when no one was there, ect. This led to the family eventually allowing paranormal investigators in.

There was plenty of information that was new to me, despite all I’d already seen and read about the subject to keep my interest, so others who are new to it, or only know some of the story should have no problem finding lots of interest in this story. I’d suggest this for those who like true crime and paranormal on one of the only crime scenes of its kind that is still standing, let alone being lived in as a residence by a family. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, authors Richard Estep & Robert Graves, and the publisher.




Llewellyn Publications – 240 pages
Publication date: Sep 8th, 2019
RATING: 4/5 Stars


The Authors- Richard Estep (Colorado) cofounded Boulder County Paranormal Research Society (BCPRS) with his wife, Laura, in 1999. He’s the author of more than a dozen books detailing his most harrowing investigations, including Trail of Terror.

Robert Graves (Indianapolis, IN) is the owner of Fox Hollow Farm. Since learning of the farm’s past, Robert has devoted himself to understanding the tragic events that took place there.

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