I’ve been on a forced hiatus for a bit as my long-time, limping-along laptop died after bouncing off the hard floor too many times because of my central sleep apnea.  It  got to where it couldn’t even make it online.  It was like a Three Stooges routine most days just trying to make and save a book review without the screen falling out.

You see, I have gone from having obstructive sleep apnea to the more severe central sleep apnea, where my brain forgets to tell my body to breathe when I sleep. During the day, I’m so tired I fall asleep at random times like when I’m trying to read, or doing things online. And that’s even after getting diagnosed and getting the proper special machine that now keeps me breathing so I can sleep without fear again.  I gave up trying to drive, heaven forbid.

I have to say though that my HP is well-built to have lasted through all of the knocks it took.   I do have a new computer coming, and I’ll have accident coverage for drops and spills, etc. this time around, as I’ve paid extra to make sure I don’t have to live with it broken again.

Now, if I could just fix my brain and get new parts for my body, I’d really have something.   Does anyone know where I can get coverage of this type, or know of a printer that can make some new body parts?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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