I liked the cover of this one, it grabbed my eye and made me want to investigate further. So I jumped inside and stared reading about who Wanda is and got pulled into the story.

It’s kind of quirky, but by the time I got it all down and knew what was happening, I found I wanted to keep going, especially by the end of the excerpt. There’s some good bantering between the two characters, and it makes you want to see how things develop as the story continues. There is an odd vein of humor running through it also, and that helps keep my interest in the story line too. Plus the talk of this mysterious author, Wanda, who is having such a hard time and her poor characters are the worse for it. I’m curious if she gets herself together or keeps her ‘people’ messed up, such as they are.





Publisher:  Stolen Time Press – 154 pages

Published:  Nov 1st, 2019

My rating:  3/5 Stars

The Author–   Andrew Diamond writes mystery, crime, noir, and an occasional comedy.His books feature cinematic prose, strong characterization, twisting plots, and dark humor. Amazon editors named Impala a best of the month mystery, and IndieReader named it to their best of 2016 list. Impala also won the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for mystery and the 24th Annual Writer’s Digest award for genre fiction.

Gate 76 won the eLit Book Award Silver Medal for mystery, thriller, and suspense. BestThrillers.com called it one of the year’s best thrillers, and the book was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018.

Kirkus Reviews called To Hell with Johnny Manic “a feverishly readable psychological noir”, and BestThrillers.com added it to their best of 2019 list. His most recent work, Wake Up, Wanda Wiley, is a comedy poking fun at the tropes of the romance and thriller genres.

You can follow Andrew online at adiamond.me or at facebook.com/adiamond.me.


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