The Black Widow: The Life and Crimes of Linda Calvey


This is the latest of my British True Crime reads, this one is written by one of Ronnie Kray’s exwives about a woman who later became an armed robber herself. She also became Ronnie Krays’ common-law wife later. Linda Calvey is quite something and makes for an interesting read, for sure. It’s not only from a different country, it’s from a different crime era. If you want a very different type of true crime read, this would be it. It took me a while to find a nice used hardcover copy like I wanted, but I found one at a decent price, I just had to wait for it to ship from Great Britain. I’m very satisfied with the book and the story.





Written by Kate Kray
Published by: Headline Book Publications – 256 pages
Published: Jul 1, 2002
My rating: 4/5 Stars


KATE KRAY, is the widow of paranoid schizophrenic gangland twin Ronnie. She now researches and writes books on the British gangland underworld. Her latest effort, Hard Bastards, is a profile of 24 of Britain’s toughest men.






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