Beast of New Castle: The Heart-Pounding Battle To Stop A Savage Killer


A second book by Larry Sells and Margie Porter, this one deals with a brutal killer named Jerry Thompson. Crimes and death appear to follow in his wake. He seems driven by rage born in his younger years that he can’t ignore or outrun. This book focuses on a couple of specific murders and the follow up investigation, and finally the trials, prosecuted by Larry Sells. This guy is one of the bad guys, and he would have just kept on killing if these guys hadn’t put him away. He is one scary dude as you will see if you read this one. He doesn’t even need a reason to kill, he just needs an occasion, which he can invent if needed.



Written by Larry Sells & Margie Porter
Publisher: WildBlue Press – 258 pages
Publication: Feb 18, 2020
My rating: 5/5 Stars


The Authors- Larry Sells prosecutes murderers in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been interviewed on Investigation Discovery, America’s Most Wanted, Oxygen: Snapped, and Sally Jesse Raphael. In Beast of New Castle, he allows readers to face the most terrifying killer he ever battled in the courtroom- at a safe distance, of course.

Margie Porter co-authored Race to Justice with Larry Sells and has returned to document the horrors of a much more dangerous criminal. Margie resides in Indiana, where she cut her teeth as a newspaper feature writer.



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