Son of Escobar: First Born


Pablo Escobar was the most notorious drug lord the world has ever seen. He became one of the ten richest men on the planet and controlled 80 per cent of the global cocaine trade before he was shot dead in 1993. In 1965, a secret mission by Colombian Special Forces, led by an MI6 agent, to recover a cash hoard from a safe house used by a young Pablo Escobar culminates in a shoot-out leaving many dead. Escobar and several of his men escape. Only a baby survives, Roberto Sendoya Escobar. In a bizarre twist of fate, the MI6 agent takes pity on the child, brings him home and later adopts him. Over the years, Pablo Escobar tries, repeatedly, to kidnap his son. The child, unaware of his true identity, is allowed regular meetings with Escobar and it becomes apparent that Roberto’s adopted father and the British government are working covertly with the gangster in an attempt to control the money laundering and drug trades. Many years later in England, as Roberto’s father lies dying in hospital, he hands his son a coded piece of paper which, he says, reveals the secret hiding place of Escobar’s ‘missing millions’. The code is published in this book for the first time.

My thoughts: After having read a few books on Pablo Escobar, when I saw this one, I was immediately intrigued and requested it with fingers crossed. And before long the next day I was reading it; devouring every word. This was the first I’d heard about a first born son, who was scooped up as the mother was breathing her last, what a story. He’s rescued and adopted by an undercover agent who is there on assignment. The agent and his wife had always wanted a child, but had been unable to conceive.

Even after some digging, they learned little more about the boy. The mother who sadly was killed was just a young teenager. The father was an older teen named Pablo Escobar, who lived 350 miles away was early in his career. I think most will find this a good book written from the son’s perspective, growing up with his adoptive family. It’s got plenty of action and excitement, I know I enjoyed the heck out of it and would recommend it for anyone who is interested in the Pablo Escobar story.  Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Roberto Sendoya Escobar, and Ad Lib Publishers.



Publisher:  Ad Lib Publishers – 218 pages
Publication: Aug 7th, 2020
My Rating:  5/5 STARS

About the AuthorRoberto Sendoya Escobar lives with his wife in a remote finca on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca under his adopted name of Phillip Witcomb. He works as an acclaimed fine artist, and his work sells for many thousands of pounds. He plans to donate a substantial percentage of profits from this book to charities which benefit young people.

2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW ~ Son of Escobar

  1. Hi Rowdy, I found a “Killing Pablo” by that author, would that be it? It doesn’t look like I’ve read that one, so I’ve added it. Did you think it was a good book on him? I’ve read the one by his mistress, the TV personality/actress/journalist, it was good, and a few others. It’s just a crazy story with all the cocaine, millions, (billions?), and planes, and each story outdoes the next. There are a ton of books about it, and probably more being written now. Thanks for stopping by and commenting with a recommendation 🙂 ~Val


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