Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession

by Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell


A humorous graphic investigation of the author’s obsession with true crime, the murders that have most captivated her throughout her life, and a love letter to her fellow true-crime fanatics.

Why is it so much fun to read about death and dismemberment? In Murder Book, lifelong true-crime obsessive and New Yorker cartoonist Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell tries to puzzle out the answer. An unconventional graphic exploration of a lifetime of Ann Rule super-fandom, amateur armchair sleuthing, and a deep dive into the high-profile murders that have fascinated the author for decades, this is a funny, thoughtful, and highly personal blend of memoir, cultural criticism, and true crime with a focus on the often-overlooked victims of notorious killers.

My thoughts: I just had to read this after seeing the description. I’ve been reading true crime for over 45 years now, and saw a lot of myself in what was written. It makes me a “murderino” too, I suppose. I had a good time reading this and was impressed with all of the effort and thought put into it. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, and the publisher.

Murder Book

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing – 336 pages

Publication: Nov 9th, 2021

My rating: 5/5 STARS

About the author: Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell is a New Yorker cartoonist and comedian who has illustrated books such as Feminist Fight Club and Are You My Uber? She lives in Brooklyn with her dog and her vast collection of Law & Order DVDs.

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