‘The Son of Sam’ and Me: The Truth About Why I Wasn’t Shot By David Berkowitz

by Carl Denaro & Brian Whitney

Synopsis; An alleged victim of the Son of Sam shares his search for the truth about who really tried to kill him in this true crime story.

In 1976, a killer who called himself “The Son of Sam” shot and killed a half dozen people and wounded as many more in New York City. During his crime spree, the madman left bizarre letters mocking the police and promising more deaths.

After months of terrorizing the city while garnering front-page headlines and international attention, a man named David Berkowitz was arrested. He confessed to the shootings, claiming to be obeying a demon that resided in a dog belonging to his neighbor “Sam.”

Among the alleged victims was Carl Denaro. On the night he was shot, Denaro was hanging out with some friends at a bar when he met up with a woman named Rosemary Keenan. The couple left the bar and went to Keenan’s car for some privacy. However, a few minutes later, the windows of the car exploded as Denaro was shot in the head by an unseen assailant. Miraculously, Denaro survived the attack.

When Berkowitz was arrested, he was charged with trying to kill Denaro. However, there was a twist. Although he confessed to the other shootings, after his conviction Berkowitz denied attacking Denaro.

Now, after years of research, Denaro is convinced that Berkowitz was telling the truth, and that someone else tried to kill him . . .

In “The Son of Sam” and Me, author Carl Denaro with co-author Brian Whitney (The “Supreme Gentleman” Killer) reveals his search for the truth and his shocking conclusion regarding the real shooter’s identity. Denaro also discusses his friendship and investigative partnership with Maury Terry, the author of The Ultimate Evil, which is considered the definitive case study on the theory that Berkowitz did not act alone.

Includes never-revealed correspondence between Denaro and Berkowitz.

My thoughts: This is a fascinating update to the whole “Son of Sam” story that unfolded when I was 16 years old back in 1976. It was crazy enough then to read about it, and all that’s happened in the news with Berkowitz throughout the years since then. This is written from the author’s point of view as a Son of Sam shooting survivor. It’s also written by one of my favorite writers, Brian Whitney. It shares about Carl Denaro’s friendship with Maury Terry, who wrote The Ultimate Evil which was a major book on this case. The book lays out reasons that Carl believes that he was not shot by Berkowitz, but a co-conspirator. A must-read for anyone interested in this series of crimes. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

‘The Son of Sam’ and Me

Publisher: WildBlue Press – 184 pages

Publication: March 2nd, 2021

My rating: 5/5 STARS

Brian Whitney

About the author: Brian Whitney has been a prisoner advocate, a landscaper, and a homeless outreach worker. His interests include ruminating and perseverating. He has written or co-authored numerous books, and has been featured in Newsweek, Esquire, Inside Edition, Dr. Phil, Fox News, People.com, Cracked.com, True Murder, and True Crime Garage. He has written for Alternet, Pacific Standard Magazine, Paste Magazine, and many other places. He appeared at CrimeCon in 2019.

He likes to get things crackin’.

You can email Brian at Brianwhitneywriting@gmail.com, or check out his website. http://brianwhitneyauthor.com/

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