Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs

Being a fan of Burroughs after reading Running With Scissors, I picked up a copy of this book and was not disappointed. In it he shares how he became a copywriter in advertising, and how his drinking eventually became very out of control. Eventually his work gave him the option of going to rehab or leaving, and he chose rehab for 30 days. The book is written in his usual funny/sarcastic way, and there is much to think upon between the covers here. It gets quite gritty and real in its look into alcoholism, drug use and other hard subjects and I feel it was well written.




Publisher: Picador – 293 pages
Published: April 1st, 2004
RATING: 4/5 Stars

The Author- Augusten Burroughs is the author of the autobiographical works “Running with Scissors,” “Dry,” “Magical Thinking,” “Possible Side Effects” and “A Wolf at the Table,” all of which were New York Times bestsellers. “Running with Scissors” remained on the New York Times bestseller list for over two consecutive years and was made into a Golden Globe-nominated film starring Annette Bening. His only novel, “Sellevision,” is currently in development as a series for NBC. “Dry,” Augusten’s memoir of his alcoholism and recovery, is being developed by Showtime. In addition, Burroughs is currently creating an original prime-time series for CBS. Augusten’s latest book is called “You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas.”

Twice named to Entertainment Weekly’s list of the funniest people in America, Augusten has also been the subject of a Vanity Fair cover story and a Jeopardy! answer. His books have made guest appearances in two James Patterson novels, one Linkin Park music video, numerous television shows and a porn movie.

Augusten has been a photographer since childhood and many of his images can be seen on his website, He lives in New York City.

How to Be Loved

How to be Loved: A Memoir of Lifesaving Friendship

A rather uniquely written memoir about a woman who has a difficult time letting people get close. She finds herself an addicted alcoholic from trying to chill out and fit in, then later has to go to groups to get free of it. But it’s at the groups that she makes her first real friends of her life, Allison is the main one, and she’s much older. As time goes by, and they talk a bit and she gets to know Allison, she feels herself opening just a bit to the idea of letting her in. They get along so well, and they are so good for each other, it’s not long before she feels herself opening more.

Then Allison shares with Eva that she’s ill with cancer, that it’s come back again and it’s likely terminal this time; she just wanted her to know since they have become close. They rely on each other. Eva for Allison’s mature advice, helping her stay sober and teaching her about friendship. Allison for Eva’s help when she was having bad days from chemo or radiation treatments and needed Eva’s assistance. This is a good book about friendship and learning how to ask for help and accept it. Sometimes that’s the hardest part of all, just admitting you need someone’s help. I was glad I read it. My thanks for the advance electronic copy that was provided by NetGalley, author Eva Hagberg Fisher, and the publisher for my fair review.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – 240 pages
Publication: Feb 5th, 2019

Rated: 4/5 Stars

The Author– Eva Hagberg Fisher’s writing has appeared in the New York Times, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Tin House, Wallpaper*, Wired, Guernica, and Dwell, among other places. She lives in California and New York City.

Lush: A Memoir

A different way of dealing with addiction by Kerry Cohen. She shares her issues with love, sex, smoking, and alcohol addictions and how they affected her life. What she did after two marriages and divorces to make lasting changes to keep problems from being such a negative impact on her career and personal life.

Mentions (MM) or Moderation Management, a different option that I’d never heard of before the book and found rather interesting, being an adult child and grandchild of alcoholics and having many others among the relatives. I’ve grown up knowing and learning about different types of ‘cures’, things in that category that the drinker and those around them use to seek relief, like AA, Alanon, rehab, therapy, Antabuse medications, cold turkey, etc.

It was interesting to learn about this different method that the author used, and hear about her particular path, especially as she herself counsels others and has been in counseling too. I’m kind of curious now to check out some of her other books she’s written, like “Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity”, and “Seeing Ezra: A Mother’s Story of Autism…”. For those with an interest in addiction, alcoholism and recovery. An advance digital copy was provided by NetGalley and author Kerry Cohen for my fair review.

Pub date: July 17, 2018

RATING: 4/5 stars

My Dead Parents: A Memoir

I found this to be a wonderfully written book about a young woman who, after her mother dies a lonely death from alcoholism, begins cleaning out her home. Going through her personal papers she comes across a pile of letters written by her parents during a time they were apart before they were married and were in different cities. Her father’s parents objected to the match and were trying to keep them from seeing one another because she wasn’t Ukrainian, but her father didn’t care, he was in love. Suddenly, she was seeing her father for the first time, realizing she never really knew him during her life. The more she read, the more she found she didn’t know her mother either, as she read the passionate words that went back and forth between them.

She takes on a project to learn about who they were before she was in their lives when they were young and happy and carefree. When they traveled the world. She interviews people from their families and old friends who knew them. Former coworkers and then she travels to Ukraine to learn more about her father’s last years and tries to get to know him more too and find out why he was always so critical of her.

An advance digital copy was provided by NetGalley and author Anya Yurchyshyn for my honest review.

Crown Publishing
Publication date: March 27, 2018