Son of a Predator

Author David Davis wrote his book for some very personal reasons after going through a painful realization regarding his family. It’s almost incredible to read about what he went through and came back from and the situation he ultimately came to understand as the one that exists for him. The book delves into areas of addiction, psychology, the #metoo movement, prostitution, therapy, emotionally abusive relationships, and much more, and will appeal to a broad range of interests. I found it a stirring and timely read and recommend it highly.

An advance digital copy was provided by NetGalley and author David Davis for my honest review.

Published by Phoenix Organization
March 30, 2018

Permanent Marker: A Memoir

I found this memoir by award-winning high school English teacher Aimee Ross to be very moving and I’m so glad she shared it with the rest of us. It comes across as a heartfelt, empowering and a cathartic read that sprinkles bits of her growth across its pages as she opened up about the horrible “Trifecta of Shit” as she refers to it that happened to her in a 6-month period of her life. At the age of forty-one and unhappy in her marriage, she asked her husband for a divorce.

Just three days later, she suffers a heart attack. Slowly recovering from that and starting over in her own place, five months later, she survives a near-fatal car crash caused by an intoxicated driver.
This book is about her recovery and in a way IS her recovery as she explores the connection between writing and healing…physically, emotionally..and learning to forgive. A very moving book that touches on many topics, some unexpected. Very honest and emotion filled.

I was provided with a free advance reader copy by Ki-Cam Projects and the author for my honest review.      Publication date is March 13, 2018