The Unexpected Benefits of Being Run Over

By Naseem Rochette

SYNOPSIS – Find the beauty and the power in your cracks.
Recognize that breaking doesn’t mean broken.

In a pedestrian crosswalk on a quiet tree-lined street, Naseem is hit and then run over three times. Onlookers yell for the driver to stop as she hears her fate in her husband’s screams. Is he is watching the mother of his children die?

Miraculously, she survives, yet she is no longer the person she worked so hard to be. Her “cracks”—the changes to her body and mind—initially feel impossible to accept. In learning to embrace this new, unrecognizable self, Naseem decides to celebrate the day she almost lost her life as the day she discovered her true strength—her Unbreakable Day.

In this unique memoir, equal parts heart wrenching and inspiring, Naseem lays bare the reality of personal trauma—and how we each have the power to reimagine our lives and find beauty in both being broken and unbreakable.

MY THOUGHTS – This was a memorable quick read that was well written and well meant. The word “inspiring” comes to mind quickly, as the author was such a workaholic powerhouse prior to this accident. Her lessons learned are painful and enlightening, bringing me to tears by the end.

PUBLISHER – Misfit Blue – 182 pages

PUBLICATION DATE – April 4th, 2023


ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Naseem Rochette is a seasoned sales leader, working mother, occasional wedding officiant, and passionate speaker on trauma, transformation, and the value of celebrating both victories and struggles.

She has more than twenty years of experience across early-stage start-ups as well as established companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Ernst & Young.

In Naseem’s ongoing efforts to understand and interpret the world, she has earned a master’s in journalism from Columbia University, where she was a founding member of the Rutgers Design Thinking Advisory Board. She also has a bachelor’s in English literature from the University of Maryland and an executive certificate in organizational leadership from Rollins College.

At home, Naseem enjoys her very own menagerie, including three children, four cats, two dogs, and one husband in South Orange, New Jersey — a bundle of chaos and joy she calls her personal youth serum.

Throughout Naseem’s life, career, and academic adventures, she has taken pride in her ability to help people solve problems, ideate possibilities, and foster trust and collaboration among diverse teams. However, it wasn’t until her near-death moment that she found her real courage and most impactful gift, the strength to appreciate — and share– the imperfections and insights that inspire transformation in all of us.

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