Some Kind of Crazy: An Unforgettable Story of Profound Brokenness and Breathtaking Grace


All through his writing, his feeling of brokenness does come through, as he relates coming up in his family feeling like he never quite measured up in his father’s eyes. As Terry Wardle finally got invited to join the men and learn how to cut up his first deer, earning the privilege of thereafter going out hunting with all of them, his dad decides to give up hunting at that time. Terry just never felt he fit in, even with his own family. As he grew up and went out into the work world, his anxiety only grew, until one day it overtook and just froze him.

I found this to be a decent read, grimly humorous at times, very up and down and religion-filled. There are some really good points, but it’s also repetitive at times too. It’s compared to ‘Educated’ but I found it not as good. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Terry Wardle, and the publisher.




Publisher: Waterbrook – 256 pages
Publication: Oct 8th, 2019
RATING: 3/5 Stars

The Author- TERRY WARDLE is a dynamic speaker who leads seminars and retreats designed to equip pastors, counselors, clinicians, spiritual directors, and many others in formational prayer, spiritual formation, and spiritual direction. The author of numerous books and teaching series, he is the founder of Healing Care and HCM International. Professor Emeritus at Ashland Theological Seminary, he also served as executive director of Alliance Theological Seminary. Former vice president of Nyack College, he was founding pastor of Risen King Community Church in Redding, California. He and his wife, Cheryl, currently reside in Ashland, Ohio.

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