The “Mr Big” Sting: The Cases, the Killers, the Controversial Confessions

by Mark Stobbe

How the police create an imaginary criminal gang to trick homicide suspects into a confession and a prison cell There are people in prison who got away with murder until they told the boss of a powerful criminal gang all about it. When the handcuffs were snapped on, the killers learned they’d been duped — that “Mr. Big” was actually an undercover police officer. These killers ended up with lots of time to think about how tricky police can be. In this captivating book, we learn why Mr. Big is so good at getting killers to confess — and why he occasionally gets confessions from the innocent as well. We meet murderers such as Michael Bridges, who strangled his girlfriend and buried her in another person’s grave. Bridges remained free until he told Mr. Big where the body was buried. We also meet people like Kyle Unger, who lied while confessing to Mr. Big and went to prison for a crime he did not commit. The “Mr. Big” Sting is essential reading for anyone interested in unorthodox approaches to justice, including their successes and failures. It sheds light on how homicide investigators might catch and punish the guilty while avoiding convicting the innocent.

My thoughts: This is a book about a system that Canadian RCMP use on their worst of the worst cases that seem unsolvable. After creating a Mr. Big set up, they attempt to get the suspect to confess to the crime to a fake crime boss. They lie to the suspect to lure him into wanting to join the gang. It covers different serious cases, and shares how often the Mr Big Stings do work. Other countries like Australia have implemented the same method to catch criminals too. Very well researched and written. An interesting police procedural read. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Mark Stobbe, and the publisher.

“The “Mr. Big” Sting

Publisher: ECW Press – 220 pages
Publication: Sep 28th, 2021
My rating: 4/5 STARS

About the author: Mark Stobbe has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and has taught at Keyano College and Okanagan College. He began studying the criminal justice system after being accused and acquitted of the murder of a loved one. Dr. Stobbe now lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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